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Pablo Zelaya Huerta, the mountain man

March 09, 2018

Aconcagua like other projects meant a goal, once exceeded, you feel you can do more. Without disrespecting you today, it is my field of work and I look at it as the first day, its great beauty invites you to climb it in its other ways, or at least try them. I am always interested in continuing to explore.

The man who lives like a condor

December 05, 2019

Pablo Zelaya Huerta (36 years old) has the skills of a condor. Even without wings, savor with some frequency the pleasure of conquering some of the highest peaks. And when a goal is raised, it does not rest until it is conquered. "Reaching the top of a mountain is what makes me feel alive," he confesses. Thus, this Tucuman climber accumulates experiences that position him among the best in the activity. To prove it, his last experience is enough: the Aconcagua rose and fell (6,963 meters above sea level) in just 18 hours.

The locksmith of the gates of heaven

December 03, 2019

The life of this man who seeks to make history among Argentine mountaineers is as wonderful as tragic. Pablo Zelaya Huerta goes over the top of the sky. He plans to summit Mount Everest on April 27, in honor of his 37th birthday and the Bicentennial of Independence. But above all in memory of those who are gone and today are their spiritual guide of the heart.

Hand in hand with clouds

December 09, 2019

High altitude trekking through the Pabellón, Ñuñorko Grande, Ñuñorkito and Mala Mala hills. A very good experience in the wonderful world of the half mountain

Six thousand meter volcanoes with Pablo Zelaya Huerta in Argentina

December 01, 2019

The Andes are, with their 6920 kilometers, the longest mountain range in the world. You can find 102 peaks above the level of six thousand meters. The mountain range crosses the territory of Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Argentina, where the largest number of seismiles is concentrated. The city of Mendoza is well known for being the starting point for climbers and their expeditions. But we look at another city, much smaller but very cozy - welcome to Tucumán (San Miguel de Tucumán) in the eastern Andes and meet Pablo - your personal guide during the ascents to the volcanoes of six thousand meters!

Zelaya Huerta, a Tucuman pride

February 28, 2017

Experience shows that it is not always the first venture proposed that achieves success. However, on the entrepreneurial path, challenges are often found that can be converted into successful ventures and much more rewarding and successful than the initial one.

This opportunity is what life has just offered to the high mountain tucuman athlete Pablo Zelaya Huerta, whom AETTI supported in his aspiration to climb Mount Everest, 8,884 meters high, without complementary oxygen and up the Tibet North Route .

Pablo Zelaya Huerta, a tucumano who breathes extreme mountaineering

April 11, 2016

The "Condor", as they know him in the environment, adopted mountaineering as a way of life. Back in Tucumán, after touring peaks in the Himalayas, in Switzerland and in France, he receives us at his house in Horco Molle, where he lives surrounded by hills and nature.

Report to Pablo Zelaya Huerta

December 02, 2019

One Sunday afternoon I received the visit of Pablo Zelaya Huerta, matte in the middle was spending the afternoon and his words were full of enthusiasm and love to what he does.
The first thing he tells us is that he climbs mountains because it is his passion, his life, that fills him.
From a very young age he was captivated by nature and tells us that one morning at age 13 he found himself alone, lost with his bicycle in the valley of La Sala. He liked that uncertainty, the feeling that his decisions would take him out of that crossroads, and that responsibility, that choice looking for the right path, led him to find himself several years later at the foot of Everest, the roof of the planet.

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